Wentworth Park
Racing Department
Wentworth Park Road, Glebe, NSW, 2037
Adult $6.00 (GST Incl). 
Children under 18 accompanied by responsible adult free.

*Admission fees vary for major events. See wentworthpark.com.au for details.
Wentworth Park is the showpiece of greyhound racing in NSW with first class amenities including a two level grandstand, ensuring that every patron has an uninterrupted view of the entire track from any seat within the stand. Metropolitan racing occurs every Wednesday and Saturday throughout the entire year. Excellent facilities are available for patrons including a restaurant, bars, kiosks, function rooms, and indoor betting pavilion. The track has a loam surface and a cable lure system is in operation.

The Wentworth Park complex is located on Wentworth Park Road Glebe.
Open 75 minutes prior to the advertised starting time for race 1
Close 30 minutes prior to the advertised starting time for race 1
No reserve trials when 11 races are drawn
No kennels are available for greyhounds for clearance trials or trials after the last race
From Saturday 13 March, 2021 all trials after racing on Wednesday and Saturday nights will be booked via ontheclock.com.au

Bookings will open at 9am the day before racing and close at the start of kennelling. 
 Trainers/Handlers will still need to confirm and pay for their trial/s at the race night office prior to race 8.
 Trials will be conducted in the order they are booked. 
 Wednesday and Saturday trials will both be open sessions. Only licensed participants may undertake trials and catching. Trialling is undertaken at the participants own risk.

Non Race Day Trials

All trial types commence at 5.30pm. Trials are booked online at ontheclock.com.au   
Bookings open at 9am on the Thursday before, and close at 2.30pm on the day of the trials.
Trainers are to arrive 20 mins before their block time to confirm and make payment.
Conditions apply to the use of skins and squawkers and trainers should report them to the Trials Supervisor when purchasing their tickets.


Solos/hand slips: $13 per trial
Arm trials: $16 per trial
Field (race nights only): $5.50 per greyhound
EFTPOS facility available 

Trialling is undertaken at the participants own risk.

Trials are subject to change. Please visit wentworthpark.com.au for confirmation of any trial changes.