Public Comment Policy FAQs

GRNSW has issued its first ever Public Comment Policy which sets outs GRNSW’s expectations of industry participants who make any public comment - on social media and otherwise - in relation to greyhound racing.

The policy aims to clearly detail the rationale and purpose of the rules governing public comment and the obligations of industry participants. It applies to all industry participants, GRNSW staff members and club officials.

A breach of the policy may result in disciplinary action under the Greyhound Racing Rules.

A breach of the policy may also amount to breaches of other GRNSW governing documents, including the Greyhound Racing NSW Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Policy. If a GRNSW staff member breaches the Public Comment Policy, they may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

GRNSW recognises the value of public comment by industry participants to promote greyhound racing and as an important tool of engagement for industry participants.

The new policy does not intend to discourage, nor unduly limit, personal expression or online activities. However, each industry participant can be seen as an ambassador for greyhound racing and therefore any public comment they make may impact the industry as a whole.

Examples of unacceptable public comment under the policy include comments that defame members of the greyhound racing industry, are discriminatory or racist in nature or misrepresent the source of comments or the identity of the maker.

This policy does not restrict legitimate public comment, and GRNSW encourages industry participants and members of the public to raise legitimate animal welfare concerns. Information about live baiting, integrity, animal welfare, animal cruelty or the conduct of a person involved in greyhound racing can be submitted by calling the NSW Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Hotline on 1800 680 174 or

A list of frequently asked questions, including what is and is not acceptable public comment under the policy will be made available online and distributed to all NSW tracks to assist all industry participants.

What is the purpose of this Policy?

Public Comment is a valuable tool for industry engagement.
This Policy aims to provide guidance and information to protect
industry integrity from irresponsible practices and promote a
vibrant, sustainable industry that meets its regulatory obligations.

Who does this Policy apply to?

All industry participants, GRNSW staff members and officials.

What does this Policy apply to?

All Public Comments that refer to greyhound racing, GRNSW
or greyhound racing clubs and officials. As an example, Public
Comments include those made in forums, on blogs, social media
and networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter; and content
sharing sites such as YouTube.

What is a ‘Public Comment’?

ANY comment made in any medium, where it might be expected
that the publication or circulation of the comment might spread to
the community at large. This includes public speeches, comments
in newspapers, radio, television, blogs and social media such as
Facebook and Twitter.

What happens if I breach this Policy?

A breach of this Policy is an offence under the Greyhound Racing
Rules and may also amount to breaches of other GRNSW polices
including the GRNSW Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying
Policy. A person found guilty of an offence may be liable for a
penalty under the Rules.
Public Comment you make may also be subject to other relevant
State and Commonwealth laws.

Media Enquiries

Communicating with the media allows us to promote the industry
as well as educate and inform the community about greyhound
racing. It may include distributing positive and informative stories
or responding to enquiries.
When providing information and making Public Comment in the
media on greyhound racing you must:
think clearly about the outcome you would like to achieve or
influence by making a Public Comment;
check that your Public Comment is accurate, supported by
facts, and does not unreasonably damage the public reputation of
the industry;
assess the benefits and risks of making the Public Comment so that
it does not expose the industry or you to potential legal risks; and
exercise careful judgement to make sure your Public Comment
does not prejudice the integrity of the industry, its officials and
legal proceedings.

Official GRNSW Media Releases are issued only by the GRNSW
Media, Communications and Wagering Unit.

What can I do if I have a complaint or concern about greyhound racing?

GRNSW will continually monitor media and online social media
activity in relation to greyhound racing.

If you think there has been Public Comment in breach of this
Policy or you have any concerns about the welfare or integrity
of greyhound racing in NSW, it is important that you either:
contact GRNSW Intelligence Unit:

• by email on
or contact the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Hotline:
• by phone on 1800 680 174; or
• at its website at