Courtney Norbury
Dawson Park Wheelers Lane, Dubbo, NSW, 2830
Adults: $7.50
Pensioners: $5.00
Children under 16 Free

Dubbo Greyhound Racing Club was founded on the 17th of  June 1971. Placed upon 10 acres of land at 500 Wheelers Lane Dubbo, the track quickly became a place of leisure and contentment.
A group of greyhound racing enthusiasts met at the Red Cross Hall in Dubbo to officially form the foundations of the club; Mr Harry Drew as President, Mrs Mary Milsom as Secretary and Les Dawson as a Life Member. Les Dawson leased and later sold the club. Later, Mrs Molly Graham mortgaged her house to enable to club to build the track, kennel block, judge tower and the lure tower.
The first race meeting was commenced at 'Dawson Park' on the 23rd of March 1974.
The Club became a Company Limited in 1985.

Still to this day, the club has 29 members, a Secretary, a track curator, employs over 15 casual race day staff and the remained of the work is carried out by the directors and volunteers. the volunteers play a vital role in the operation at Dubbo Greyhound Racing Club, adding years of experience.
The committee meets bi monthly and general meetings are held twice a year. The club conducts over 40 TAB meetings annually.
The Dubbo Greyhound Racing Club has a history of highly successful profitable operations over an extended period of time. It has been built on a long and proud history of hard work, strong vision and community support.
Over the years the club has grown and gained a reputation of being one of the best and safest greyhound facilities in Western NSW.
Dubbo Greyhound Racing Club

Mrs Margaret Winter
PRESIDENT  Mr. Shayne Stiff
VICE PRESIDENT Mr. Wayne Jeffrey
COMMITTEE  Mr Neil Hudson, Miss Fiona Cole, Mr Jacob Webb, Mr. Leighton Winter
TREASURER Charmaine Roberts

Track Records at 23/01/20
318m 17.88  Clare A Chance (25/02/2023) Trainer:  Pamela Braddon
400m 22.31  Return Mac (14/1/2023) Trainer:  Shayne Stiff
516m 28.13  Jungle Deuce (23/12/2021) Trainer:  Raymond Smith
605m 34.35 Miss Ezmae (12/06/2021) Trainer: Raymond Smith
774m 46.11 Matilda Bay (26/12/2013) Trainer: Raymond Smith

Open 90 mins to race 1 & close 45 mins prior to race 1