The Gardens
Vicki McIntosh
Racing Operations Manager
104 Sandgate Road, Birmingham Gardens, NSW, 2287
Adults - $7.00 (Members - $5)
Pensioners - $4.00
Children Under 16 - Free
The Gardens Greyhound Club was formed in June 2014 to conduct greyhound racing at The Gardens complex in Wallsend. The Gardens Greyhound Club is trading as Newcastle Greyhounds and is known to punters as Ladbrokes Gardens.
From 1 July 2014, The Gardens Greyhound Club has been registered to operate all racing and trialling conducted at Ladbrokes Gardens as well the venue’s commercial operations.
The Gardens Greyhound Club has an open club membership and, following the first Board’s term, will have a mix of independent and member elected directors. The Board structure reflects best practice in corporate governance principles and will bring greyhound racing into line with the practices in place in clubs in other racing codes.
The club is comprised of a new board that is made up of four members, including:

Chairman - Brett Lazzarini
Vice Chairman - Brian Sanotti
Treasurer -  Dale Millard
Company Secretary  - James Herington

Open 90 minutes prior to the first race and will close 45 minutes before the first race.
If you have any questions regarding trials, please don’t hesitate to contact the office on (02) 4951 5842.
Solo – $11.00 | 2-dog special – $16.00 | 4-dog field – $5.50 | 4- dog puppy trial – $5.50 | Private trial (Tuesday) – $15.00

All trials to be booked via

Monday – Public – Trials commence at 5.00pm for puppy field trials followed by normal trials.
Tuesday – Private –Trials commence at 7.00am.
Friday – Public – Trials commence approx. 20 mins after the last race.