Richmond Straight Track Update

The eagerly awaited new straight track at Richmond moved a significant step closer to completion this week with the turf being laid up the 340m straight.

The Richmond straight track - one of two major projects currently being undertaken by Greyhound Racing NSW, the other being a track rebuild at Grafton - remains on track to be completed, and ready to open around the end of March.

The track will be rolled and top-dressed this week, and usually takes around four to five weeks to settle.

Works have gone to schedule at Richmond and the Remote Safe Chase Lure system will in place and be tested during March. The lure rail has been installed, and the remote lure itself has been successfully tested in South Australia last week, and will be installed early next month.

Work is also progressing well at Grafton on the club’s $4.5 million rebuild project.

GRNSW Chief Executive Tony Mestrov, and local member Chris Gulaptis, will tour the venue and be updated on the progress of the works, next week.

The new Grafton track is scheduled to be opened in late April-early May.

Richmond Straight
Richmond Straight

Grafton 25/02/21

Grafton 250221
Grafton 250221