Walsh Looking Forward To Auction

By David Brasch - Greyhound Recorder
Noelene Walsh will head to Richmond with five of her select puppies on May 26 for the GRNSW Puppy Auction keen to satisfy herself what her breed is worth.

"I'm really looking forward to the auction," Walsh said.

"It gives me a chance to see if the value I have on my bloodlines compares to what others think they are worth."

Walsh has five lots, three from the Feral Franky-Blue Bronte litter, lots 28, 66 and 119, and two from the Hooked On Scotch-Kenetic Thunda litter, lots 53 and 109.

"Of the five in the auction, I have three of them for sale," Walsh said.

Way back in 2009, Walsh grabbed the opportunity from owner Richard Soo to take Tommie's Placard to breed with.

For the next decade and a half that family has been churning out winners.

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Blue Bronte, dam of the Feral Franky litter, won 34 races and $68,000 and she is a litter sister to Laurie's Flyer (28 wins, $60,000), Lately (19 wins, $42,000) and Lightning Blue (15 wins, $26,000) to prove just what prolific winners the line can produce.

Super sprinter and now stud dog, Vamoose, won 34 races and $161,000.

The most recent Group star from the line is My Hepburn which has been second in the Group 1 Paws Of Thunder and third in the Group 2 Gosford Cup, Group 2 Richmond Oaks and Group 3 Christmas Gift.

"Their box and kennel manners are perfect, alWays have been," Walsh said of the damline. "I've been experimenting in recent times to get more strength into the line and it seems to be gradually working."

Walsh says she has been contacted numerous times by potential buyers.

"I had one phone call from a woman on the Gold Coast asking if I am going to sell some of the pups because she is very keen to fly to Sydney for the auction and bid on the pups," she said.

Walsh admits it will be difficult to let the pups go that are sold.

"Blue Bronte still goes out onto the straight track and her pups follow her out there and charge up and down chasing her and they are rising six months of age," she said.
"They are all lovely pups and very, very keen."

Walsh admits the lure of the rich auction race series to be run sometime in October/November 2025 is also too good to miss.

The Puppy Classic, at a venue yet to be announced, will have a winner's cheque of $150,000 as an added lure.

Click here to view the 2024 GRNSW Puppy Auction Catalogue