Jason Lyne
Racing Manager
Upfold Street, Bathurst, NSW, 2795
$5 adults. $4 concession, $2 Uni Students and Children under 16 free.
Most famously known as the home of Mount Panorama, Bathurst in NSW's Central West is home to Greyhound Racing, located at Kennerson Park on Upfold Street.
Bathurst Greyhounds joined the NSW Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers Association in the early 2000's and continues with the strong support of volunteers.
The ground on which the Bathurst Club is now formed was donated to a group of mechanical hare racing enthusiasts by Mr Bill Kennerson in the early-mid 1900's. Descendants of the Kennerson family continue to support racing today, with the annual running of the Bill Kennerson Memorial.

CHAIRMAN: J Cotroneo
DEPUTY CHAIRMEN: S Absalom, G Minter
DIRECTORS: G Rose, J Bertinato, N Curby, G Mangafas, W Schwencke, R Welsh, B Young

Track Records at 03/01/20
307m 17.36 Entrust (02/01/12) Trainer: Frank Hurst
450m – Double Up Dee 25.37 31/12/2018 Paul Braddon
520m 29.24 Falcon's Fury (29/01/18) Trainer: Paul Braddon
618m – Rajasthan 35.69 7/2/20 Robert Camilleri
700m 40.86 Ebby Ripper (18/12/17) Trainer: Michael Eberand
Open 90 mins to race 1 & close 45 mins prior to race 1.
Tuesday Mornings 
9.30am – 12pm (or until completed)
Bookings Only by Monday 5pm

Thursday Mornings 
9am – 12pm (or until completed)
Bookings Only by Wednesday 5pm
***If finishing on, own lures must be used. Catching pen trials will be available.